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i fear the inevitable despite it’s futile nature. the cold stinging of fear breathes down my neck, confirming how time is lost on me. i have nothing to show for my efforts, except the whispers of those who don’t care. and those who care don’t matter. so what does it matter at all? it is…

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it was -28.  br.  almost got frostbite.  but the skiing?  amazing.

i skied:

  • salomon lime
  • salomon lava
  • salomon bamboo
  • atomic can’t remember
  • atomic storm
  • salomon BBR ( LOVE IT )
  • elan black magic
  • elan mystic magic
  • elan pure magic
  • elan amphibio
  • blizzard viva

i think that was it.  i had so much fun.  and skied the best i’ve ever skied.  great.


ps, i’m on day 44 now.

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day 40 - 40% there. i’m such a good mathematician.

that’s almost 50% there.  which is half!

and it was ski!  rossi attraxion 8’s, course.  blue bird skies.  but superrr windy.  nicely groomed. unfortunately, i only stayed for an hour, but it was a great hour with lots of killer tunes on shuffle!

til’ tomorrow for 41!

Text post # February 3, 2011 / 3:01pm

i’d like to take a moment to tell you how much i love jenny jones.

i love jenny jones.  she is my ultimate inspiration.

ps.  her snowboard (salomon lily) is amazing.  to ride and look at.

jenny jonessnowboarding Text post # February 2, 2011 / 2:46pm // 1 Notes

day 39.

i legit fail at keeping this blog up to date now.  oops.  but basically, i’m on 39 now.  conditions have been decent the past little while.  no shredding on my birthday unfortunately (30th).  done some pipe with a friend who was teaching me lots.  that was lots of fun.

today though.  oh my gosh today.  can you say boot deep pow?  knee deep in places?  in. sane.

course i didn’t get first tracks cause i had to clear the drive and my car to get out.  brutal.  got changed as quick as i could and booted out to meet a friend.  it was killer.  lots of secret stash spots were found.  and it’s to keep stormin all day.  north end was lovely.  got first tracks on a run that was super powder.  floating.  the channel and est meant it took me 2 seconds to crank my stance back, ready to go.  sick.

"but you’re in ontario!" i hear you say.  yep.  they are rare.  but they kick some serious ass when they come.

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day 33 (26/1/11) - testing 11/12 product!

day 33 was one of the best.  we went to horseshoe valley (NEVER AGAIN).  most of the brands were there.  salomon, endeavour, never summer, roxy, gnu, lib-tech, rome, ride, batteleon, forum etc.  this is what i rode: (i won’t go into tech specs.  maybe eventually i will ha)


first was the idol.  highest end ladies board.  loved it.  truly loved it.  responsive, snappy, soft enough.  first run though, we ended up going to a run where there was a large drop.  i’m gonna say if the whole run was it, it would’ve been a black diamond or harder, it was just really short.  so i couldn’t see over the drop, was going relatively fast, then i don’t remember.  all i know was that my heel edge didn’t hold and then next thing i knew i was in the trees with a sore elbow and leg.  i then had one of the guys i was with come over asking me if i was ok.  i didn’t realise how bad it looked til the other person i was with said that ben (who’d seen me) almost had a heart attack.  he said i’d flew through the air, landed right on my back then hit a smaller tree.  i managed to get out and ride for the rest of the day albeit in pain! haha. 

the oh yeah! was next.  new board for next year.  it was super soft and fun and playful.  buttered real easy on her for sure, but she held an edge when i needed her to.  more of a jib board than anything.

then the lily.  which is jenny jones pro model.  she is a hero, and the graphic was brilliant.  that thing rode super nice.  one of my favourites for sure.  a bit stiffer, which was nice to fell, so nice and responsive.

the gypsy.  i rode this years gypsy, as we’ve not sold what we have yet.  couldn’t remember how it rode, so went for a refresher.  the perfect park board.  snappy enough that you can still get some air, but soft enough that it isn’t a pain to press.


i only rode the ally, and to be honest, i wasn’t a fan.  it was as soft and easy to butter as the oh yeah, but the tech in it didn’t make sense.  it has magne-traction, but i couldn’t get it to hold an edge.  i wanted it to work, i like roxy.  but it just didn’t do it for me.  the bindings were bad.  i knew i wouldn’t like them anyway.  the flow style gave me no control.


boyfriend series is so awesome.  park orientated.  the idea behind it is to have a ladies board that isn’t easy to ride like most are.  it also isn’t flowery and love hearts etc.  it’s raw and menacing.  it rides super well to.  i did enjoy it.  not quite as responsive as i wanted it to be, but probably just the bindings.

diamond looked even meaner.  even snappier and stiffer than the boyfriend.  more of an all mountain guy than anything.


that was what i managed to squeeze in before days end.  i fell in love with the lily and the boyfriend, and i’d say those two were my favourite from the day.

we had a tonne of fun with many laughs.  never going back to horseshoe unless i have to.  we also collectively made complete fools of ourselves by falling off the chair most times due to shitty run off and planning before getting on.  good times.

walking away from the day long ride with a bruised elbow and two bruised knees.  success i’d say.

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day 31 (21/1/11) and day 32 (22/1/11)

friday i went in to work first thing to shred!  i ended up having to take my M6 hardware off my feelgood to give to a customer.  i got some more for me but hadn’t had a chance to throw it back on her, so i went in extra early to do that.  got out on hill for ten to 9, just in time for the first couple chairs.  it was colder, but the conditions were great.  again, nice and sunny.  and i had first tracks if i wanted em.  mostly untouched, well groomed fast snow.  brilliant morning!  just rode for an hour as i had to work and get ready, but it was great with my music and so worth it.

saturday was a powerhour night, 9-10.  conditions weren’t terrible.  i wasn’t riding great.  since i hurt my leg, i’ve not been pushing myself, and as it was like -30 with windchill last night, it was a bit icy.  didn’t want to hurt myself again.  but it was fun anyway, and totally dead!

all in all, good weekend.  didn’t manage to get out today, as it was another -30, but tomorrow looks super promising.  working 9-9, so i need to shred for some portion of that to stay sane/be legal! ha.

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day 30 (20/1/11) - much better ski

i really wanted to take the rossignol attraxion VIII out last night, but someone had it.  so today i got up early and went for first tracks to ride it.  soooooo good.  love that ski.  i went for 1.5 hrs.  and it was constant carve on well groomed, amazing snow.  it was great.  best i’ve skied all season. 

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day 29 (19/1/11)

i skied last night.  conditions were great.  i went with my manager.  i rode the nordica ignitor ca.  they weren’t enough ski for the conditions.  and he was on the ignitor ti.  not enough for him either.  so we both went in and swapped.

before we went out, he said “so you’re going to teach me how to ski”.  and i laughed.  he always says he is an awful skier.  and i skied better than him on the nordica.  then we switched.  he took the salomon enduros out.  i took the elan mystic magic.  did not enjoy that ski at all.  i don’t think it was enough ski for me.  length wise and performance wise.  just wasn’t holding an edge.  so i wasn’t skiing my best.  and then my manager kicked my ass but kept saying he was shit, which made me feel even more shit about how i was skiing.  so i just stopped and went in.  wasn’t enjoying myself.  we then argued about it, with him not understanding where i was coming from! haha.

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bah. poor hip.  currently icing it and watching through the wormhole (hi physics geek).
i successfully drove.  and don’t walk like a pirate.  but i can’t lift it up myself more than 45 degrees.
oh well.  skiing tonight.  it’s fine apart from that, and no more than a 45 deg angle while skiing anyway!  besides.  i can’t not.  it’s been snowing all day.

bah. poor hip.  currently icing it and watching through the wormhole (hi physics geek).

i successfully drove.  and don’t walk like a pirate.  but i can’t lift it up myself more than 45 degrees.

oh well.  skiing tonight.  it’s fine apart from that, and no more than a 45 deg angle while skiing anyway!  besides.  i can’t not.  it’s been snowing all day.

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